The Right Stuff Electrolyte Drink additive Std – Retail 10-Pouch Box – Berry Blend

  • The Right Stuff is used for pre-hydration, during and rebalancing electrolytes after activities
  • Used by endurance athletes, High Schools & Colleges across the US, pro teams(NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL etc.) & Olympians
  • The Right Stuff is not just another sports drink, it is a performance aid for serious athletes
  • In addition to optimizing sport performance, it helps with jet lag, altitude and preventing hangovers
  • NSF Certified For Sport – Every Batch is cleared for banned substances, heavy metals and contaminants

Product Description

The Right Stuff hydration from NASA for Before, During and After

For pre-loading

Studies show that nearly half of athletes START their activities in some stage of dehydration. Be at 100% by drinking The Right Stuff a half hour or more before you start!

For use while training and competing

The average athlete loses 1-3 liters of sweat per hour of activity. In that sweat is 1500 to 3500 milligrams of electrolytes that are lost. Over 90% are sodium and chloride (or salt). Use The Right Stuff to compete longer and perform stronger.

For rebalancing electrolytes following activities

Following an hour plus of hard activities, especially in high heat setting, your body can be drained of essential electrolytes. Be sure to replenish those electrolytes to facilitate faster recovery.

Who uses The Right Stuff?

Current users include:

  • Endurance athletes (e.g., cyclists, runners, triathletes, adventure and obstacle course racers)
  • Most pro teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS etc.)
  • Colleges across the US including schools from AAC, ACC, B1G, Big XII, Colonial, C-USA, ECAC, Ivy, MAC, Mountain West, Pac 12 and SEC among other conferences
  • Serious recreational athletes (Tennis players, golfers, industrial leaguers etc.)
  • Industrial workers including construction, farmers, roofers, warehouse workers and parcel delivery
  • First responders including military personnel, firefighters etc.


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