Sprout Stage 3 Pouches Natural Baby Food (4 Oz Purees, Pack Of 6)

  • Stage 3 Plant Protein Baby Food Pouches: Made with organic chickpeas, this plant-based puree is a delicious protein alternative to meat & dairy-based baby food products. Each pouch has 3g of protein & 3g of fiber
  • Clean Ingredients: Sprout’s pouches contain only USDA Certified Organic & Non-GMO ingredients! We believe in nutrition from whole, organic food; our purees contain no additives, preservatives, fillers, or concentrates
  • Nutrition on the Go: Our Organic Stage 1, 2, & 3 baby food pouches contain the daily nutritional requirements for one feeding in convenient packaging with the cleanest ingredients & no preservatives
  • Sprout Commitment: Sprout is committed to providing the cleanest, delicious organic baby & toddler food made from whole foods, certified organic, & non-GMO ingredients in 100% BPA-free packaging
  • Keep it Honest, Make it Real: With our 100% honest labels it’s easy to know exactly what’s in your child’s food. Try Sprout’s Stage 1, 2 & 3 baby food pouches, toddler purees and meals, Crispy Chews, Puffs, Curlz, Crinklez, and Waffles

Sprout Organics Stage 3 Baby Food

Sprout’s Stage 3 purees provide hearty meat and plant-based protein options to satisfy the baby’s growing appetite. Recipes feature complex combinations, larger portions, and thicker textures for babies adjusting to new tastes. Our plant-based protein is 100% vegetable-based protein made from organic chickpeas, lentils, and beans and contain 3 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber in every pouch

Product description

Sprout believes that a meal is more than nourishment. It's a chance to inspire and grow together. That's why we are committed to introducing an early love of healthy, whole organic foods to children everywhere. Research shows that starting babies on healthy foods early in development helps foster healthy eating habits throughout life. That's why we've crafted a variety of fruit, vegetable, & grain blends that help babies adapt to new flavors and textures and provide greater exposure to wholesome foods. Sprout Stage 3 Organic Baby Food purees are made from whole foods and contain no concentrates, additives, preservatives, or fillers of any kind only real, honest, and pure ingredients. Formulated specifically for babies 8 months and up, Sprout Stage 3 purees are heartier meal options perfect for babies trying new textures and learning to self-feed. Sprout offers both meat-based and vegan meal options to satisfy a variety of diets, with protein and fiber to keep your little one feeling full throughout the day. Sprout Is Committed To: Whole Foods Certified Organic, Non-GMO Ingredients No Concentrates No Preservatives 100% BPA-Free PackagingSprout is committed to reducing the processing steps to keep our recipes as close to how mother nature intended right from the earth. We procure ingredients from only certified organic growers and will not accept harvested ingredients with any preservatives. We rigorously source these special ingredients to ensure the cleanest and safest recipes are delivered to your family.


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