The Original SkinnyPop 100 Calorie Popped Popcorn (Vegan Snack)

The SkinnyPop 100 Calorie Popped Popcorn is a completely vegan snack, which is free from gluten. It has a great taste, all-natural, no artificial ingredients delicious & best option for snacking. Also, this product has 0 trans fat and free from dairy, peanut, tree nut, and preservatives. Having a good source of whole grain and fiber. It can be used in place of kettle corn, pirate’s booty, cheese popcorn, white cheddar popcorn, popcorn chips, cracker jack, and different popcorn snacks.

Product Specifications

Flavor & Brand Name: Original SkinnyPop
Components: Sunflower oil, popcorn & salt
Weight: 18.14g

Product Dimensions: 5x1.5x9 inches

Product Features

  • A complete snack that can be paired with each type of craving.
  • It has no GMOs, gluten, or any kind of preservatives.
  • A tasty, appetizing & guilt-free snack.


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