Vanilla Shelf-stable Vegan Soymilk Singles By Silk (Pack Of 12)

Have creamy richness of soymilk with shelf-stable Vanilla Soymilk by Silk. Prepared with whole-yielded soybeans and flavoring vanilla, this product gives the best taste everywhere you typically use dairy milk over your cereal, in coffee, or just by itself. It creates a distinct non-dairy option to milk and is completely free of lactose, dairy, carrageenan, casein, gluten, egg, groundnut, and MSG. An energy house of nutritive goodness, the Vanilla Soymilk includes 50% more calcium in comparison to dairy milk and is a great source of healthy soy protein. As it comes in a unique, shelf-stable pack, this soymilk will stay fresh at room heat! With low soaked fat and cholesterol, 25 gms of soy protein every day may decrease the possibility of heart disease.

Product Specifications

Brand Name: Silk
Product Weight: 6 Pounds
Flavor: Vanilla
Pack Dimensions : 8.27 x 6.42 x 5.24”

Product Features

  • Nutritious, flavoring vanilla soymilk gives an appetizing taste even if added to coffee or enjoyed individually.
  • It has a special pack for useful and unrefrigerated storage.
  • It’s a completely vegan product, which is free from lactose, casein, and dairy; definitely no egg, gluten, carrageenan, peanut, or MSG.
  • Fifty percent more calcium in comparison to dairy milk.
  • It is a good source of soy protein, which is low in saturated fat & 0 cholesterol.
  • It is vegan soymilk, non-GMO, with no unnatural colors and flavors.


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