Unsweetened, Shelf-stable, Vegan Almond Milk By Silk (1 Quart)

Try and enjoy the buttery goodness of almond milk with unsweetened shelf-stable Almondmilk by Silk. Having a rich, silky, and delicious taste and only 30 calories in each serving, this almond milk is delightful even if it is poured onto cereal, used in your favorite recipes, or enjoyed directly through the glass. It is an ideal non-dairy option to milk and is completely free of soy, lactose, dairy, casein, egg, gluten, and MSG. This product offers vitamin E and includes 50% more calcium when comparing to dairy milk.

Product Specifications
Brand Name: Silk
Flavor: Almond
Weight: 2 Pounds
Protein: 1.01 gms
Ingredients: Almond milk (separated water, almonds), vitamin & mineral mix, sea salt, gellan gum, locust bean gum, ascorbic acid, and organic flavor.

Product Features

  • This unsweetened almond milk provides great taste in baking procedures, with grain, or individually.
  • It has a unique packing for comfortable and non-refrigerated storage.
  • It is free from casein, lactose, and Dairy. It doesn’t have added gluten, soy, sugar, eggs, or MSG.
  • Having 50% more calcium when compared with dairy milk.
  • It is a great source of vitamin E. Has 0 cholesterol; 0g saturated fat and only 30 calories in each serving.
  • This vegan almond milk doesn’t include unnatural colors and flavors.


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