Vegan Blueberry Whole-Wheat Fig Bars From Nature’s Bakery (Snack Bar)

Whole-Wheat fig bars from nature’s bakery are always the best option for families on the go in the look of a  nutritious win-win. It is a great snack for both kids and adults. This product can be used as a nutritive treat for kids’ lunch or a beneficial afterschool snack. It is a nutritious product made by keeping you and your family in mind.  These fig bars are baked softly and have no cholesterol, fructose corn syrup, GMOs, and artificial flavors. It is certified vegan, plant-based, low sodium content, free from dairy and soy. Also, not having trans fat.

Product Specifications

Flavor Included: Blueberry

Components: Wheat flour, cane sugar, a paste of fig, syrup of brown rice, canola oil of blueberry jam, whole grain oats, fruit juice, sea salt, baking soda, glycerin, citric acid.

Brand Name: Nature’s Bakery

Allergan Details: Free from soy, dairy & nut

Packaging: Pouch


Product Features


  • A product made from whole wheat fig bars that are fuel for your day-to-day life.
  • Includes natural constituents & these softly baked bars are filled with natural fruit.
  • Very well portioned in 2 bars & twin-packs don’t melt or break.
  • A regular snack partner. You can count on this item when you need it the most.

Figs, ripened blueberries, and nourishing whole wheat make this product awesome in your daily life.


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