1 Pound Jar Of Heavy Cream Powder By Hoosier Hill Farm

This 1 pound of amazing heavy cream powder comes with dried sweet cream of 72% butterfat, which gives a delicious flavor with no water and moisture. It’s a shelf-stable dairy product that can be added to products in a dry state or can be transformed with water or different liquids. It includes sweet cream solids and no hormones used. You can use a blender to blend ⅜ cup of powder with a cup of water and leave the mix to set all night in the fridge to prepare every cup of heavy cream. The ingredients used in this product are of unique quality.

Product Specifications

Flavor: Creamy Powder
Brand Name: Hoosier Hill Farm
Net Weight: 1lb (454g)
Packing Type: In Jar
Serving Details: 1 tablespoon (6 gms)
Protein: 1 gram
Package Size: 6.65x4.33x4.06”

Product Features

  • This jar of heavy cream will prepare over ten cups.
  • It can be used in a sweet bakery making like sweet potato casserole.
  • You can add it to coffee or tea in place of creamer.
  • Make your individual cream of chicken soup with broth.
  • It can be used in soap making as well.


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