Daiya Daiya Ched Cheezy Mac Dairy Free 10.6 Oz (Pack Of 8)

This product comes in a comfort food category. Daiya Cheddar Style Ched Cheezy Mac brings you a cheesy, rich flavor of perfect mac and cheese. It doesn’t include gluten, dairy, or soy, so you can fulfill your hunger without any worry. It is 100% vegan & allergy-free. Does not include lactose or dairy products. No wheat, eggs, peanuts, soy,  tree nuts, fish, or any other non-vegan things. Only used non-GMO components. Does not include any artificial ingredients. You can serve this cheezy mac full of confidence. This cheezy mac provides three generous portions of whole-grain brown rice macaroni, which is filled with hearty essence. This suitable squeeze pouch is ready-to-eat and has cheddar-style sauce in its best condition. You will get a delicious taste of macaroni and cheese, calcium & protein.

Product Specifications

Flavor Type: Cheddar

Brand Name: Daiya

Net Weight: 300g
Packaging Type: Squeeze Pouch

Product Features

It gives you all the rich cheesy tang and creamy feel that you generally expect from macaroni and cheese.

It is no dairy and gluten product.

Each Deluxe Cheezy Mac serving has 5 gms protein and the best source of calcium.

Doesn’t involve any trans-fat or cholesterol in each serving.


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