Annie’s Homegrown Organic Vegan Shells & Creamy Sauce (Pack Of 12) Dairy-free, 6oz

Be inspiringly vegan by trying Annie’s Homegrown Organic Vegan Shells & Creamy Sauce! This vegan sauce is made with sweet potato and pumpkin. It has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, thus, this latest vegan pasta dinner is complete comfort food. Each ingredient of this food is selected with care. Annie’s makes it their duty to take on significant concerns such as promoting unadulterated practices and fair labeling – so you can be assured that the products you purchase from Annie’s are as real as feasible. 

Product Specifications

Serving Quantity: 2.5 oz dry or sterile mix (62gms)
Servings For Each Container: 2.5
Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin Powder, Organic Sweet Potato Powder, Organic Corn Starch, Organic Pasta (Vegan Wheat Flour), Natural Tapioca Starch, Sea Salt, Organic Flavor, Natural Paprika, Natural Onion, and Garlic Powder.

Product Features

  • Guaranteed Organic.
  • Produced with decency; no synthetic flavors, artificial colors, or chemicals.
  • The product owner works with entrusted suppliers to source exclusively non-GMO components.
  • Produced with natural pumpkin and sweet potato.
  • Contains a total of two micro cups.


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